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Laurie Wimberly

Laurie Wimberly, who shared her beautiful voice and songs with us at the Gala, has just launched a new kids worship project that will blow your socks off ! Check it out here ... https://www.cardinalchoir.com/preview-purchase

Karen Vongonten

Karen Vongonten, who shared her beautiful voice and songs with us at the Gala, reluctantly started leading worship about 12 years ago and before then would never sing in front of anyone! For years she’s written songs spontaneously during worship times but just recently focused her efforts to write, record, and produce her first EP. Most of it was recorded in her kitchen on home recording equipment -- usually with an audience of between 5 and 10 kids. These songs are all part of her personal journey where real life meets the God of hope. You can find and purchase Karen's music here: karenvongontenmusic.com

Rob Autry

Rob Autry, recording Artist/Musician/Producer and Builder Relative of Gene Autry, and his amazing piano master friend George, finished off our Gala night with some super fun music. Rob has a long history of special gifted talents but reminds us "we can all give thanks To The Lord who blesses us with these special abilities!" Amen Rob!

Tom Heard

Tom Heard performed his original songs early in the Gala evening. His passion as a singer / songwriter / producer is to discover and share new and more poignant ways to express the passionate, deep, perhaps even hidden longings of our hearts -- to God and each other -- in both lyrics and music - the language of the mind and the language of the heart. Like a good movie soundtrack reveals much greater depths of understanding than simply a picture and spoken lines alone, he hopes to share with you music and lyrics that challenge and engage our hearts deeper in the ongoing transformation of our relationship with Jesus and our relationships with each other. In 2015 Tom started a Facebook Daily Worship page. His Tom Heard - Musician page releases announcements about upcomming events and albums. He's released several albums over the past 15 years, which can all be found and purchased at www.TomHeard.com

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